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Basements provide fantastic additional internal space without sacrificing your external property. They are normally closer to living areas than a loft so are often more flexible and useful. They are also extremely adaptable spaces that can change depending on your requirements and in expensive urban areas, a basement can add significant value to your property.

Basement Design Specialists

Subterranean Spaces provide a full design and engineering service for your new basement project.

With complex projects there are many aspects that need to be considered at the design stage from planning, safety, waterproofing to aspects such as light, access and proximity of the neighbours. We can help with all these considerations to allow you to maximise the benefits of your new basement, whist minimising costs and disruption. Natural Light to your basements can be achieved by many different approaches, once your property has been surveyed all the options will be put to you.

By getting your basement professionally designed you can also gain the following benefits:

  • With a professionally designed basement, Planning consent is often easier than gaining consent for an extension.
  • Basements can be self-contained with its own access allowing for shared living spaces
  • Well planned underpinning of existing foundations can actually stabilise an old building.
  • Waterproofing basements can keep the whole house drier and healthier and increasing insulation can make the house more energy efficient.
  • For attached properties basements can provide a sound proofed space - ideal for cinema or games rooms

If you have either an existing basement that you would like to convert, or are looking to build a new basement then please get in touch to discuss your project with us, we would be happy to go through the options with you.

Basement development

For the developer, creating a basement beneath an investment property can mean the difference in either going ahead with the project or not. Property prices increasing, as they do, means pound per square metre on the retail side when selling.

Its easy to create an addition space and turn it into a self-contained flat; one or two bedroom, maybe more depending on the footprint of the existing house and its density. Planning permission is a requirement mean and you will need a good architect and lawyer.

What our Customers Say...

The attention to detail and the quality of finish on offer, has quite honestly blown me away. At every stage in this lengthy process the quality of the finished product has been extraordinary, their arduous care and attention to detail has helped to produce my ideal home.
Thomas Penn, Hackney, London

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