Basement Financing and Re-mortgages

Basement financing

If you are looking to potentially add value to your property with a new basement installation or even a renovation project, it is not unsual to either not have the cash available to do this, or not want to use all your savings. So the solution can often be found in releasing equity in the property in order to fund these plans. That’s why Subterranean Spaces have partnered with Integral Private Finance Solutions Ltd (IPFS).


Getting a mortgage is one of the most important financial decisions you will take in your lifetime. There are many mortgage products to choose from and not all will suit your personal circumstances. IPFS provides expert mortgage advice from the whole of the market for everyone from first timers and remortgagers, to experienced buy to let landlords.

Our clients, like most of us, are busy people who do not have hours of time to give up to find the right mortgage for them. Not only that, but they do not have the time, or quite frankly the inclination, to spend hours on the phone to estate agents, solicitors, valuers and all the other parties involved.

IPFS has the ability to see the whole market, to cut through the fine print and explain the pros and cons of each product. With the backing of one of the largest mortgage networks in the UK, they also have the priviledge of access to lenders and products that aren’t available to the general public or via the high street. Thier contacts, experience and dogged determination makes it all happen, from initial mortgage advice to money in the bank.

When you arrange a mortgage through IPFS it is not just about that mortgage, you have entered a relationship that will last you a lifetime. IPFS commit to finding the most suitable mortgage for you every time it comes to making a new purchase or remortgaging an existing property.

With a long history of providing excellent advice and service and working closely with Subterranean Spaces, IPFS's mortgage experts can help facilitate your plans for your property. To find out how IPFS can help, contact one of the team at IPFS today on 0208 922 9213 or visit and remember to say you got the details from Subterranean Spaces to ensure you get a special discount too!

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.
The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate some buy to let mortgages.

What our Customers Say...

The attention to detail and the quality of finish on offer, has quite honestly blown me away. At every stage in this lengthy process the quality of the finished product has been extraordinary, their arduous care and attention to detail has helped to produce my ideal home.
Thomas Penn, Hackney, London

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