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A Swimming Pool is a luxury facility in any basement and a full design and build service can be provided by Subterranean Spaces along with additional features such as a basement spa, gyms, hot tub or sauna. The construction of the underground pool is basically the same as a normal basement but you of course have to dig down further from the new basement floor level to achieve the depth of the pool required. You can introduce power jets to swim against which is good for fitness and training, and particularly popular in city properties.

Swimming Pool Design

The cosmetic design of the pool is completely up to the client, we can work with you to plan and design the pool and bring in all the relevant manufacturers and experts when required. If additional space outside of the building footprint is required the basement can also extend under the drive way or garden of a property to allow for a good sized pool. Although these are complex and specialist projects, we have a proven track record in making Basement projects run smoothly and on schedule, with the minimum amount of stress to the client.

Building Control

In the UK, Building control stipulate safe measures which have to be adhered to in the design and build of any basmement, we are well versed in the regulations and construction requirements and make sure all necessary liason and approvals are sought and recieved on schedule, as required for the build.

Cleaning your pool

Keeping the pool clean in a basement isn't that different to a normal swimming pool. We use mobile pool cleaners to clean the pool itself, and skimmers built in to the pool, just at the water level, these remove dust that may settle on the water surface, this then gets drained into to a filtration system that needs to be cleaned weekly which is a very easy process. A chlorine solution keeps the water clean and safe to swim in, although Salt water pools are also very popular and can be used as an alternative to traditional Chlorine based chemicals. There are also backwash jets that can empty and fill the pool, and also these keep the water moving to create oxygen.

A Basement Swimming pool is undoubtedly a lovely luxury in a mega basement, or simply just designed as a part of a single storey basement project. If you are interested in discussing a potential Basement Swimming pool then please do contact us and we will be able to talk you through the options.

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The attention to detail and the quality of finish on offer, has quite honestly blown me away. At every stage in this lengthy process the quality of the finished product has been extraordinary, their arduous care and attention to detail has helped to produce my ideal home.
Thomas Penn, Hackney, London

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