Constructing a Nuclear Bunker - From Vision to Reality

The Subterranean Spaces Blog: 28th November 2023

Thinking about living underground has become a topic on many people's minds nowadays. Whether you're considering it for practical reasons or thinking about building a Nuclear Bunker, Subterranean Spaces can make your idea a reality.

Finding the Plot

Choosing the right plot or land site is crucial. Let me break down why the geographical position matters.

Before you even think about purchasing the land, it's a good idea to have boreholes done. These tests provide valuable insights into the strength of the ground at lower levels. Once you have this information, engineers can tailor the design of your bunker or home to the specific characteristics of the ground.

Imagine this: at twenty meters below ground level, you discover soft material. If you hadn't done the bore holes beforehand, you might end up with a structure that's not adequately designed for the ground conditions. This oversight could compromise the integrity of your bunker or home. While the effects might not be immediate, over time, the weight of the structure could cause it to shift.

Picture this scenario: you arrive at your bunker or home one day only to find that you can't get in because it has moved. To prevent this, you need to prioritise bore hole tests for soil reports. These reports are a crucial step in ensuring the stability and long-term security of your underground living space.

Once you've discovered the perfect plot for your project, we'll transition to the exciting design phase! We'll meet up to discuss every detail of your needs and preferences, taking into account your family's requirements. This includes planning for your underground living space, whether it's for your entire family, individual needs, or even in collaboration with government bodies. I'm here to ensure we cover all aspects thoroughly and create a plan that suits you best. Let's make your vision a reality!


For any underground construction project, thorough planning is crucial. At Subterranean Spaces, we specialise in designing the necessary structures and then submitting those designs for approval by local planners. While we can't promise a 100% approval rate, I bring over twenty-five years of experience in constructing underground developments, and when I give the green light for planning, it's usually on point.

Once the planning stage is successfully navigated, we move on to the structural design phase. Our engineers meticulously analyse borehole soil reports to tailor the structure to your needs, ensuring it can withstand various elements, including the extreme scenario of a nuclear blast. This involves determining the appropriate size and placement of reinforcing bars, the strength and thickness of concrete, as well as the finer details of reinforcing work fabrication.

Our comprehensive approach extends to designing safeguards against radioactive penetration, creating effective drainage systems, and implementing tanking methods to prevent dampness in your bunker. The end result is a robust structural package capable of withstanding even the most intense ground movements following a shockwave. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.


Once we've completed the initial phase, we dive into the exciting world of architectural planning and design for your nuclear bunker! Now, when it comes to crafting a bunker that ensures your safety, there are some key considerations.

Firstly, let's talk space. The technical and mechanical areas need to be generously sized to comfortably accommodate your survival needs. As for power, your bunker's generator can be fuelled in various ways, and I'm here to offer guidance on the best options once you're ready.

Now, let's address the essentials: clean air. Breathing is a must, right? To ensure you're getting the freshest air possible, we'll bring clean air, free from contaminates, in and run it through a top-notch carbon filtration system. So, not only do we need ample space in the technical area, but we also need to consider the external space.

In a nutshell, we're not just building a bunker; we're crafting a safe haven with all the right elements for your well-being. Let's make sure every detail is just right!

Nuclear Bunker Floor Plan


To ensure your safety and comfort during any unforeseen events, it's essential to have sufficient water storage both inside and outside the bunker. Be prepared with backup supplies like dry food, frozen items, and supplements. Invest in Hazmat suits or equivalent protective gear to shield yourself during and after potential fallout. Equip yourself with the necessary tools and knowledge for post-blast survival, all detailed in our informative booklet. This guide will not only explain the fundamentals but also provide step-by-step instructions on implementing key factors to make life in the bunker more manageable as time progresses.


Once all the pieces are in play, construction kicks off! For our bunkers, we usually start with piling—a crucial step since our bunkers are built lower into the ground than regular structures. This involves a specialised method to support the ground during construction. Once the piling is done, excavation begins. This phase is where we map out how the superstructure takes shape: external cladding, reinforcing and concrete sections, drainage setup, ground slab formation, and crafting the roof, access, and exit points.

Once all these steps are ticked off the list, voila! The bunker is officially formed.

Now, when it comes to the inside, it's all about personalisation. Whether it's for an individual, a family, or a corporate entity, the internal design is tailored to suit their needs. But here's the catch—our focus isn't just on aesthetics. We're all about planning for both comfort and survival. That's the mission at Subterranean Spaces!

What sets us apart? We're not just local; we're a global consultancy specialising in the design and construction of Nuclear Bunkers. With twenty-five years of expertise in crafting underground structures, we've got the know-how to bring your bunker vision to life.

Drainage Plan for Nuclear Bunker

Experience the benefits of living underground! Enjoy fresh, filtered air, free from pollution; say goodbye to nosy neighbours and embrace the natural well-being brought in by clever design and ample light. Whether you fancy a cozy one-floor retreat or a spacious four-floor haven, I can tailor the perfect underground home for you. Picture having a garage for your cars, a pool, recreational spaces, gyms, bedrooms, lounge areas, a fully-equipped kitchen, and even a garden where you can cultivate your own veggies and plants—all underground! Let's make your underground living dreams a reality.

Reverse Osmosis Plan for Nuclear Bunker

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