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The current day market and trend is predominately for residential use, as people explore the benefits of a basement in their home, but the business world should not be forgotten. With a growing population in the UK and more jobs required, space is needed for commercial growth.

Not only does the commercial development of a basement accommodate extra staff in an expanding business world, it can also be utilised for the public sector and generate outside income.

Subterranean Spaces have been building basements since 1998 and, having completed a number of commercial projects, are looking to invite the development of basements in places such as hotels, offices, hospitals, restaurants, shops and stores, as well as gymnasiums, swimming pools, spa areas, conference rooms, storage areas, and even underground garages.

Also, for the residential developer, creating a basement in a residential block as a commercial going concern could mean more apartments, producing more yield. Designing a new footprint of an existing building and turning this into space designed apartments is appealing to both the small and large developer. The long-term investment for such a project must be considered.

Commercial Basements:
Points and requirements to consider

  • Long term feasibility
  • Neighbour friendly
  • Investigate ground conditions, boundaries and local services
  • Architectural consultants and talk to planning
  • Design
  • Planning application
  • Structural engineer
  • Party wall surveyor
  • Builder and specialists in basement construction; Subterranean Spaces
  • Contract
London Commercial Basement Design

Subterranean Spaces quotation will contain an itemised breakdown of all works along with method statements prepared by our structural engineers on how we propose to structurally create the space.

Our teams of staff will work methodically and together with our engineers and will excavate, introducing temporary supports where required to support weight loads above whilst digging out. This is a time-consuming element of the works and cannot be rushed. Once all the new perimeter foundations and load bearing walls have been constructed, your basement is formed. Steel supports will be introduced to support any weight load above.

Basement Drainage and tanking

Once the basement is formed, the pumped drainage will need to be installed. This will take care of any surface water that may or may not rise during the seasons. If foul drainage is required for a bathroom or kitchen then a secondary pump chamber will be needed. If the basement development is more than one unit then a bespoke drainage system will need to be designed. Once the drainage work is complete the floor slab can be laid, normally with perimeter drainage which will accommodate any condensation ingress from the new walls.
There are many companies that provide tanking. A recognised supplier should be used and then installed by approved installers. Once the walls and the floor have been tanked the remaining works left will be the fit out.

Basement Fit out

Our team of second fit trades works closely with our architects, foreman and project managers to deliver a schedule that will complete the project, whether it be additional space to an existing basement, a new basement or commercial project.

London Commercial Basement Specialists

Basements - General information

In both a commercial and residential development, it’s all about the planning and having the right architect for the job. Plans and ideas are one thing but without design and making sure all aspects of policy are covered, your application will be a waste of time. Subterranean Spaces look very closely at the project and its surroundings, and also any current day issues we feel there may be. We will produce a report to our clients giving our views on the feasibility of the development which will incorporate most aspects and we will work with the planners to try and achieve a positive application.

What our Customers Say...

The attention to detail and the quality of finish on offer, has quite honestly blown me away. At every stage in this lengthy process the quality of the finished product has been extraordinary, their arduous care and attention to detail has helped to produce my ideal home.
Thomas Penn, Hackney, London

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