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Natural Light Solutions for basements

There is an increasing awareness of the benefits of Natural Light Solutions and the recognition that exposure to sunlight is just as important as eating a healthy diet. Full-spectrum natural light supports a number of our bodily functions but our modern lifestyles mean we are spending huge amounts of time indoors, in front of computers, tablets and phones and less time outdoors in sunlight. We are exposing ourselves to excessive amounts of blue-light emitted from our screens which is disrupting our internal body clock and this is having serious implications on our health. Our levels of natural light exposure affect our sleeping patterns and sugar cravings and cause other metabolic issues, and can have a knock on effect on our weight and energy levels.

Using both natural and artificial light as a health-promoting and therapeutic tool is becoming increasingly popular. Subterranean Spaces has teamed up with Fjor Light to provide Natural Lighting Solutions for Basements and other Internal building projects.

Subterranean Spaces and Fjor Light

Fjor Light are the distributors of an innovative lighting product called Big Sky developed by Light Cognitive in Finland. Light Cognitive benefits from the scientific expertise of Harvard Medical School's Dr. Steven Lockley and is designed with the following principles in mind:

  • DESIGNED FOR WELLBEING - Light has a strong link to our wellbeing. Circadian lighting like Big Sky promotes recovery, a healthy sleep-wake cycle and your holistic wellbeing.
  • BEAUTIFUL - Light inspired by nature. Big Sky invites you to experience the natural hues and cycles of the day from dawn to dusk.
  • SMART - The Big Sky light programmes are fully customisable and offer wide programmability potential and ease-of-use with an intuitive user interface.
  • BIOPHILIC DESIGN - We want to bring beautiful light and clear skies to everyone's reach. Big Sky brings natural light indoors, where we spend most of the day.

Subterranean Spaces are Approved Installers of Fjor Light products in the UK.

Big Sky by Light Cognitive

Big Sky


Big Sky recreates natural light in indoor spaces, bringing good, health-bringing light to you when you are indoors. In the absence of natural light, such as in Basements and Subterranean extensions, these products provide a lighting solution that mimics daylight as closely as possible. The light is generated with multiple types of energy-efficient LEDs combined in such a way that the light spectra are very similar to the spectra found in nature.

Big Sky follows the natural rhythm of the day, providing more blue light in the morning and mid-day, gradually moving towards amber and red hues in the evening, bringing the most natural light possible to you indoors! With Big Sky you can recreate outdoor lighting in your basement, your workplace, your office, or any recreational space in your home, improving your energy and productivity during the day and your quality of sleep at night.

Download the Big Sky Brochure (PDF)

'Planning free' Light Wells for Basements

Using the Big Sky product to produce natural light, Subterranean Spaces can reproduce light wells in your basements without the need for planning applications or additional external space or glazing. In London and other cities, any light well construction requires planning permission, which can often be costly and take a lot of additional time. By constructing innovative ceiling light wells using Big Sky, the same natural light effect can be created, making your basement a light and pleasant environment replicating the ambiance and health benefits of natural daylight.

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Light well lights for basements

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