Five things to consider before a basement conversion

The Subterranean Spaces Blog: 4th October 2018

Basement Plans
  1. Does your building contractor have the right experience: Whoever you get to do your basement conversion, make sure they have the experience. Subterranean Spaces is an established London basement company with plenty of experience in the design and construction of basements and cellars in period properties in London. So we can deal with planning, building control and of course, neighbour relations!
  2. Insurances and guarantees: Make sure all your insurances are in place and that your contractor's are too. Subterranean Spaces has its own engineers, architects and professional servicemen, and all the guarantees are supplied at the end when it's all signed off by building control. We can do the whole thing in one package for you so you have peace of mind.
  3. Waterproofing and Tanking: Once the basement has been constructed, make sure that whoever does the waterproofing and tanking is an approved contractor, otherwise that will be a defect on the guarantee. We install Delta Membrane waterproofing systems and flood chambers, recognised as the best in the UK.
  4. Natural light: Light is important in a basement extension. There's no point having a lovely basement if you haven't got sufficient light or ways of getting it down. There are plenty of ways to get natural light into a basement, but you can also boost this with Big Sky technology which mimics natural light.
  5. Get the space right: Get what you want in terms of space. Have a conversation with your basement designer over what you want to use the space for so that they can make sure your basement conversion is properly space-designed for your needs and you have everything you want down there.

Why choose Subterranean Spaces?

It's a personal service. We cover everything. We've got our own engineers, our own architects and our own professional servicemen, so we can do it all in one tidy package. From the surveys to the dig out and extending the foundations, installing the drains and flood chamber, and the finishing team, it's all done by our staff. Plus, we supply you with all the guarantees right at the end, when your basement conversion is signed off by building control, and we come back six months after the project is finished to do a snag check, so you have extra peace of mind.

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The attention to detail and the quality of finish on offer, has quite honestly blown me away. At every stage in this lengthy process the quality of the finished product has been extraordinary, their arduous care and attention to detail has helped to produce my ideal home.
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