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At the end of May 2018 Sweden issued a ‘preparedness’ Pamphlet for the first time in 30 years which was distributed to every citizen in Sweden. The publication 'If Crisis or War Comes' contains detailed advice about the location of bomb shelters and how to prepare for the basic necessities for survival should a crisis occur.

This action may have taken many in Europe by surprise, no one is really expecting an imminent all out war, but the response from the Swedish Government comes after a number of incursions by Russia into Swedish Air and Sea Space.

In the UK we have also had some troubling activities, only in January this year (2018) RAF Fighters intercepted two Russian bombers near UK Airspace and more recently the Navy has been called upon to escort a Russian Spy Ship through the English channel on their return from Syria.

Underground BunkersSwedish Pamphlets distributed
nationally in May 2018

Add the above incidents to the multitude of Terrorist Threats including Biological, Chemical, and Cyber attacks and it is starting to look quite prudent to have some measures in place to keep you and your family secure, particularly in major cities like London. This is where an Underground bunker becomes a useful addition to your house.

Subterranean Basements are specialist Basement Builders that cater for a wide range of basement uses. We can specify Basements as secure rooms, panic rooms, or basements shelters.

The rooms act as versatile additional living space but also double as protected spaces with the specification and installation of Air filtration systems or ‘Scrubbers’ that use advanced HEPA filters to purify the air from Pathogens such as Anthrax, Chemicals such as Sarin, Chlorine and Mustard gas and other Bio-chemical agents which may be potentially used in a terrorist attack.

Additional Structural protection and vital storage capacity can also be provided in the Basements along with water filtration and storage as required.

Providing secure and safe accommodation is also a priority for some high net worth Individuals who require ‘Panic rooms’ and secure accommodation in the event of an intruder alert. The basement is an ideal room given its location and the provision of secure phone lines, independent from the main house network allow for emergency communication to be maintained at all times.

If you are considering a secure ‘bunker’ style basement, do give us a call and discuss your requirements with us. We are very happy to talk you through the options and costings with you an can provide full quotations where required.

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The attention to detail and the quality of finish on offer, has quite honestly blown me away. At every stage in this lengthy process the quality of the finished product has been extraordinary, their arduous care and attention to detail has helped to produce my ideal home.
Thomas Penn, Hackney, London

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